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•  From the Puget Sound Business Journal:

"Three years after Amazon launched its Housing Equity Fund (HEF), the scope of its ambitious pledge is coming into focus. In January 2021, the tech giant promised to contribute $2 billion to create and preserve 20,000 units of affordable housing in select areas of the country. HEF leaders estimated they could reach those goals in five years. It only took them three.

"To date, Inc.has provided nearly $635 million in low-interest-rate funds to support the preservation or creation of more than 6,500 affordable homes and apartment units in the Puget Sound region, which works out to about one-third of the $2 billion promised across its three regional hubs … Throughout its three hubs, HEF has given $1.8 billion for the creation and preservation of 14,400 units in the greater Seattle area, Washington, D.C., and Nashville, Tennessee."