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The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Retail and Consumer Shipping Study 2023-2024 is out, concluding that "overall customer satisfaction surging 4% to a score of 78.0 (out of 100)."

According to the report, "More than 60% of retailers measured see their individual ACSI scores improve in 2024 …  Customer satisfaction with online retailers remains unchanged at an ACSI score of 80 … Satisfaction among supermarkets skyrockets 4% to an ACSI score of 79 as food inflation slows and consumers perceive stronger value through better sales and promotions."

In addition, "while better prices at the pump send consumer perceptions of value soaring, catapulting satisfaction with gas stations 15% to a score of 75 — its highest level in more than five years."

Some key findings:

•  "Costco (up 4%), H-E-B (up 5%), and Publix (up 4%) share a three-way tie atop the industry at 85, upending Trader Joe’s multiyear winning streak. The former leader is next with a steady ACSI score of 84.

"Publix sets the standard across much of the in-store experience, including staff courtesy and store cleanliness and layout, while Costco and H-E-B win on value. All three benefit greatly from the popularity of their private label brands.

"Sam’s Club (Walmart), just off the leaders, climbs 5% to 83. Meijer and ShopRite experience the biggest gains, each improving 7% to 80. Meanwhile, Walmart, despite improving 4%, finishes last with an ACSI score of 74."

•  "Despite slipping 1%, Chewy backs up its impressive 2023 debut to earn a second straight industry win with a score of 84. The online pet supply store continues to delight its customers, receiving top marks for both quality and value. Chewy’s multichannel customer support also shines, and the site is a leader in this area amid a competitive field."

"Meanwhile, second place Amazon, down 1% to 83, remains the gold standard in various key aspects of the online shopper experience, including ease of navigation and the checkout process. The online retail juggernaut continues to innovate in the mobile shopping environment, adding new features such as Consult-A-Friend, multimodal search, augmented reality, and Find-on-Amazon."

"Costco (up 3%), eBay (up 7%), and HP Store (up 7%) tie for third at 81. Costco reports strong ecommerce sales to close out the year, which can be attributed to stellar mobile app and website performances. It didn’t make any 'big enhancements and changes' to its site leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, but the site maintained 100% availability during the Cyber 5 period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday."