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•  Aldi announced last week that it has eliminated plastic shopping bags from all of its 2,300 stores in the US, saying that the move "will save nearly 4,400 tons of plastic from going into circulation each year."

Fox Business writes that "plastic bags were previously available for customers to purchase at ALDI. Cloth bags remain available to purchase for customers who forgot their own reusable ones."

•  From CT Insider:

"A judge with the National Labor Relations Board in Hartford will hold a hearing Tuesday in an unfair labor practices case filed against grocery chain Trader Joe’s by the union representing workers in the retailer's Hadley, Mass. store.

"Representatives of the union, Trader Joe’s United, filed a complaint in late December claiming that store management fired one of the Hadley employees for being involved in unionizing activities at the store. The complaint seeks the workers' reinstatement.

"The Hadley store is one of only three Trader's Joe's locations, out of more than 550 stores nationwide, that is unionized. The 20-page complaint filed by the union also claims that workers in the Hadley store got less favorable 401K benefits after workers voted 45-31 in July 2022 to join the union."

•  From Reuters:

"A Los Angeles federal court has dismissed a trademark lawsuit filed by grocery-store chain Trader Joe's against its employee union over the use of the store's logos on union merchandise.

"U.S. District Judge Hernan Vera said … that Trader Joe's United's use of the chain's name and logos on tote bags, buttons, mugs and other products would not confuse consumers … A Trader Joe's spokesperson said on Tuesday that the company 'consistently takes legal action to protect our brand when we become aware that someone other than Trader Joe's is selling merchandise using our trademarks' and that it will 'continue to take all appropriate action to protect our brand'."