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•  From the Wall Street Journal:

"A breakup over grocery prices got messier Monday when PepsiCo said that it, not supermarket chain Carrefour, initiated the split.

"PepsiCo said that it had decided to stop supplying the chain’s European stores because the two sides hadn’t reached an agreement on a new contract.

"The impasse spilled into public view Thursday when Carrefour said it would stop selling Pepsi, Lay’s, Doritos, Cheetos, Quaker Oats and other PepsiCo products in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. Carrefour posted notes on store shelves saying it would no longer carry the brands because of unacceptable price increases.

"Carrefour stores in those four countries represent about 0.25% of PepsiCo’s global revenue, according to Bernstein analyst Callum Elliott.

"'Regrettably, Carrefour has mischaracterized the chain of events,' a PepsiCo spokesman said Monday. 'Given the lack of agreement on a new contract, we stopped supplying to Carrefour at the end of the year, something they were aware could happen. We hope we can agree on terms soon so our products can be back on their shelves for consumers to enjoy.'

"In response, Carrefour said Monday: 'We, at the Carrefour Group, have taken this decision'."

Wow.  An old-fashioned public pissing contest between a big retailer and a big manufacturer.  What's the over-under on how long for them to kiss and make up?