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Variety has a story about how a new Coca-Cola advertising campaign "emphasizes its broad portfolio of drinks, not just a single product such as Fanta, Diet Coke or Dasani as has been the company’s typical marketing strategy over the years. The TV commercial, which will appear in both 30- and 90-second versions, is believed to be the first in which Coca-Cola has put a spotlight on its wider product line, rather than on a single drink.

"Executives at the iconic Atlanta marketer have known for years that the company makes beverages that satisfy many niches, ranging from breakfast eaters to athletes to, yes, those looking to satisfy a craving for something sweet. Now they hope to remind consumers that the company can fit into many kinds of drinking occasions. particularly as patrons show increasing interest in slaking their thirst with something other than the company’s flagship sodas."

The commercial was directed by Christopher Storer, creator of the FX series “The Bear."