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Kroger has announced the creation of a Murray's Cheese monthly club subscription program that will build on the popularity of its in-store cheese program.

According to the announcement, "Murray's offers five monthly subscription clubs with one-of-a-kind access to discover exceptional cheeses and pairings. Whether gifting to a loved one or selecting for enjoying at home, the guided tasting offered is a journey that will turn any food lover into a true cheese expert. Murray's unique themed offerings feature hand-cut and wrapped cheeses, from cave-aged picks to exclusive finds, with the goal of delivering a fun unboxing and educational experience."

There are five cheese club options:  "The Cheers to Cheese Club, a guided tasting with cheeses and accompaniments that pair perfectly with a drink of choice … The Cheese Explorer's Club, offering bold picks & exclusives guided by a Murray's cheesemonger … The Globetrotter's Cheese Club, a deep dive into tasting cheeses from an iconic cheesemaking region around the world each month … The Cheese Board Club, an abundant selection of cheeses and more with instructions for making the most beautiful board every month … (and) The Mac and Cheese Club, delivering heat-and-eat decadent mac and cheese in rotating seasonal flavors."

KC's View:

I love programs like these - they don't just create sales, but relationships between the store and the shopper.  At a time of ever-greater competition, relationships are a retailer's most important currency.  The goal has to be to focus on programs and platforms that draw customers closer, as opposed to distancing them.