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•  From TechCrunch:

"Amazon … is launching its own competitor to Goodreads, a book tracking and recommendations site it also owns. The retailer announced the launch of a new Amazon feature, Your Books, which will organize all the books you’ve bought, borrowed or saved, including print books, as well as Amazon’s Kindle and Audible titles. This library will help to fuel discovery and recommendations of other books you might like, which can be saved to wish lists.

"While the focus here is on book discovery to fuel future purchases, and not necessarily tracking and reviewing books, as on Goodreads, there’s a lot of overlap with Amazon’s other platform for book lovers it acquired back in 2013, and has done little to modernize since. As on Goodreads, the new tool will help users organize their own collection of the books they’ve read and those they aim to, and will help them find new ones. But instead of reading through reviews from other Goodreads users, the reviews here are from Amazon shoppers … the focus is directed more on commerce and leveraging Amazon’s data to make recommendations, rather than leaning on other people’s reviews, negative or positive."