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The San Jose Mercury News reports that Japanese conglomerate Sapporo, which said two weeks ago that it planned to close down Anchor Brewing, the nation's oldest craft brewer, because of poor sales, "is open to considering a potential offer from employees looking to buy and save the storied San Francisco brewery."

Since the closure was announced, the story says, "a group of employees have been frantically working to preserve Anchor’s 127-year-old legacy. And the company now says it’s open to the sale.

";'We have received an e-mail from Anchor’s Union spokesperson stating that the ‘workers of Anchor Brewing have met, discussed and decided to launch an effort to purchase the brewery,' company spokesperson Sam Singer said in a statement. 'Given our deep respect for the Anchor Union and our team members, should our employees put forward a bonafide, legally binding offer to buy the company, one that includes a verifiable source of funds, we would gladly consider it'."

However, Singer also said there is a "ticking clock," and that the union has to move quickly if it wants to achieve a sale.

KC's View:

I hope they make this work.  Maybe a combination of traditional financing, perhaps some small stake retained by Sapporo, and some crowdsourcing could be the trick.  (I'd contribute a few bucks to a Go Fund Me campaign.)

But then they have to market this brand aggressively.  Tell the story of the nation's oldest craft beer.   Do it in a way that grabs people's minds and hearts.