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Albertsons Media Collective, the company's retail media network, has announced a new partnership with Facebook parent Meta and advertising agency Kargo to test a new version of digital circular ads.

The company said via LinkedIn that "our pilot is replacing traditional digital circular ads with dynamic ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to meet more consumers where they are. The interactive digital experience allows shoppers to connect to their local store to clip offers and add products – that they are interested in – to their shopping list. We are merging product and promotional data to enable advanced targeting, actionable content and measurable performance.

"Our future plans include a rollout to display and connected TV as well as dynamic localization and personalization to better engage shoppers and drive sales. Watch this space to learn more."

KC's View:

The question is how fast Albertsons is prepared to roll out this program company-wide, through all its banners, if the pilot proves to be successful.  Hesitation only will give the competition the ability to make up time, which is a precious commodity in the current environment.