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Axios reports on a new Gallup survey saying that while "Americans' faith in public institutions of all kinds - from the Supreme Court to Big Tech - is dwindling to historic lows," confidence in small business "remains relatively high."

The story notes that this is a turnaround of sorts - faith in small businesses got "clobbered in the early days of the pandemic."

According to the story, "Small businesses, which employ nearly half of U.S. workers, have long been the backbone of the American economy - closely linked to the American dream … Faith in small businesses crosses party lines: 64% of Democrats, 68% of Republicans and 66% of independents say they have a 'fair amount' or 'great deal' of confidence."

Axios points out that this bipartisan appeal differentiates small business:
"Most institutions see a partisan divide in confidence. Republicans' confidence in organized religion (49%) exceeds that of Democrats (25%). Democrats' faith in organized labor (39%) tops that of Republicans (15%)."

KC's View:

Love this, and think that small and independent retailers are perfect examples of the breed.

Just two cautionary points.

One is that trust has to earned every day.  A good reputation is what you had yesterday.

And second, it is critical to remember the old Latin proverb:  Trust, like the soul, never returns once it goes.