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Marketplace, on National Public Radio (NPR), reports on Coco, described as a robotic  delivery system - a "cooler on wheels" - working for thousands of restaurants in California and Texas.

"According to the National Restaurant Association, 60% of restaurant operators say delivery orders still account for a bigger proportion of sales than before the pandemic," the story says, quoting co-founder Zach Rash as saying that "a huge chunk of all the deliveries that happen are within a couple of blocks.  And so it doesn’t make sense to be using these cars, which are mainly gas-powered, really old vehicles, to be transporting a couple of pounds of food around the city.”

However, "unlike most driver-based delivery companies, which rely on gig workers, Coco’s robot pilots are trained employees. 'Anyone can drive this from home,' Rash said. 'That’s a much better job than, you know, being a gig worker'."

The perfect employee?  "We like people who are good at video games,” Rash said. “So our interview is a video game, we do training in simulators and video games. So it’s a lot of young gamers, and that’s a great demographic to tap into.”