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Business Insider has a story about how once again this year, Walmart is looking to poach some of Amazon's Prime Day glory with its own multi-day promotion, Walmart Plus Week.

Here's how Business Insider frames the moment:

"Prime Day, the virtual shopping holiday that Amazon invented in 2015, has transformed July from a slow time for retailers into one of the hottest sales stretches of the year.

"But Walmart isn't letting its e-commerce rival go unchecked, especially with consumers presumably in a buying mood.

"Walmart and other retailers are angling for some of the billions of dollars that shoppers are expected to spend around Prime Day, and according to one study, they're starting to chip away at Amazon's market share during the critical sales period.  

"Prime Day will take place on July 11 and 12 this year. Walmart's answer is Walmart Plus Week, which runs between July 10 and July 13. While the first 24 hours of Walmart's event are exclusive to Walmart+ members, anyone can access the deals on the second and third days.

"In addition to luring away potential Amazon shoppers, Walmart's event is geared toward getting customers to sign up for Walmart+ memberships."

KC's View:

I've always argued here that one of the key differences between Walmart and Amazon is that Walmart just wants toi sell more stuff, while Amazon has broader goals of world domination.  In some ways, it is the difference between tactical thinking and strategic thinking.

But in some ways, as Amazon lately seems to be acting more defensively, there seems to be a bit of a flip.  Amazon's Prime Day goal is to sell more stuff, and Walmart's goal is to acquaint - and eventually drive - more customers to its Walmart+ program.

I wonder if this is a microcosm of the broader competition, which is only the defining retail battle of the early and mid-21st century.