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Business Insider reports that Dollar General "is experimenting with Amazon-like cashierless technology, the company confirmed to Insider.

"Customers at a Dollar General store in Banner Elk, North Carolina, don't have to stand in line or deal with a self-checkout kiosk at the end of their visit. Instead, they can simply walk out with their purchases. 

"The experience at this Dollar General seems reminiscent of Amazon's Just Walk Out technology, which the e-commerce giant debuted several years ago in its Amazon Go convenience stores. Dollar General, though, is working with AiFi, a startup that has developed its own technology and partners with retailers. Both systems utilize dozens of cameras to monitor what a shopper picks up and, ultimately, charge shoppers for what they remove from a store."

KC's View:

I know that Amazon has not rolled out its Just Walk Out tech to the degree that it wanted to, or the degree top which some of us believed that it would.  And, it actually is closing some of its Amazon Go stores.

But I continue to believe that checkout-free technology is the way of the future, and that someday it will be as ubiquitous as scanning.  In fact, Amazon's backing off may give other retailers the ability to make up time and reduce its differential advantages in this space.