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•  Fox News reports that "the International Brotherhood of Teamsters said Wednesday that a nationwide UPS strike 'is imminent,' after walking away from the national bargaining table and demanding the package delivery service company to provide its best and final offer by Friday.

"UPS and the Teamsters — the union that represents over 340,000 UPS workers — have been in negotiations over a new contract since April, following complaints from many UPS employees over the 2018 contract, and the company’s working conditions.

"Some of the union’s requests include longer breaks, air conditioning in delivery trucks due to last summer’s extreme heat, and higher wages."

•  Media Post reports that "Kroger’s retail media operation Kroger Precision Marketing said today it is launching an in-house self-serve advertising platform. 

"The company said the platform is designed to make it easier for advertisers to activate, measure, and optimize campaigns and access data rapidly to improve shopping experiences.

"The new self-service platform will initially encompass Kroger’s existing product listing ads and onsite display advertising. It will later power KPM’s entire retail media service portfolio.

"By building an in-house advertising platform, KPM said it would offer a more unified marketing strategy between various on-site and offsite media channels. The new platform will also pave the way for greater interoperability with other media activation and management software."

•  Marketing Daily reports that "Reckitt is introducing Lysol Air Sanitizer, a first-of-its-kind air-care product that destroys bacteria and viruses while they're still in the air.

"The company says it's the first and only antimicrobial product approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to do so. The spray kills 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria, including cold, influenza and coronavirus.

"It will be available in stores beginning in July."

Really?  It kills coronavirus?  The idea that this has been approved by the EPA is a big deal, and if there's another pandemic, expect that this stuff will be impossible to keep in stock.  (I may have to hoard a bottle or two.)