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The Dayton Daily News reports that "Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of the Amazon retail giant, plans to invest an estimated $7.8 billion by the end of 2029 as part of an expansion of its data center operations in central Ohio, creating hundreds of new jobs, the state said Monday.

"Amazon Web Services’ data center project is the second-largest single private sector company investment in Ohio’s history, according to the governor’s office. The new data centers will contain computer servers, data storage drives, networking equipment, and other forms of technology infrastructure used to power cloud computing, which is on-demand access for data services, like data storage."

At the same time, Reuters reports that Amazon has said that "it will take its investments in India to $26 billion by 2030, adding $6.5 billion in new planned investments in an announcement made after CEO Andy Jassy met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the United States.

"Though Jassy gave no breakdown, the announcement follows Amazon's cloud computing unit Amazon Web Services (AWS) saying last month it will invest 1.06 trillion rupees ($12.9 billion) in the country by the end of 2030."