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Reuters reports that investigations continue into the "recent wave of bomb threats across the United States, targeting grocery operators and other stores … Retail companies including Kroger, Walmart and Amazon's Whole Foods Market, among others, have received bomb threats at their stores in recent months, the report said, adding that some callers demanded gift cards, bitcoin or money and threatened to detonate bombs if payments were not made.

"These threats have been spread across various areas from New Mexico to Wisconsin. At a Kroger-owned store in New Mexico, an employee received a call from a suspect who asked her to wire money and said a bomb would go off if she called the police.

"A similar incident was reported in a suburb north of Chicago, where a caller told a Whole Foods Market employee a pipe bomb had been placed in the store and demanded $5,000 in bitcoin."

It is said to be "unclear to authorities whether the threats are part of an organized effort."

KC's View:

I hope these people are tracked down, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and sentenced to serious jail time.  And, if possible, I hope this is all classified as domestic terrorism - because that's exactly what it is.