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The Verge has a fascinating piece about the planned community of Shadow Mountain, in Menifee, California, about 90 miles southeast of Los Angeles and about 16 miles due north of Temecula.

Shadow Mountain is described as "California’s first planned smart, solar-powered residential microgrid community."

A home there is smart because a "13-kilowatt hour home battery sits beside a smart load panel that controls every electrical appliance in the home, from the hybrid electric heat-pump water heater and high-efficiency heat pump HVAC system — both Wi-Fi enabled to share data — to the light switches, EnergyStar fridge, and energy-efficient induction cooktop. … This home is smart because it can proactively respond to and manage its energy use. Using software algorithms, the Schneider load center intelligently determines where to best draw power from — the SunPower solar panels, the battery, or the grid."  The home actually makes recommendations about how "to set automations that change power sources or reduce energy use when prices and demand spike."

You can read the entire piece here.