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The New York Times has a story about Carlo Mondavi, a grandson of California wine industry legend Robert Mondavi, who is carving out his own role in the business.

However, Carlo Mondavi is "pushing the California wine industry in a new direction born not of 20th-century aspirations but of the existential threat of the 21st-century: climate change.

"Mr. Mondavi, 43, envisions something of an agricultural revolution that would rein in farming’s carbon footprint, estimated at roughly a quarter of the greenhouse emissions each year. It requires a combination of regenerative agriculture, increased biodiversity and what he calls renewable farming, which is no longer dependent on the fossil fuel industry, but instead relies on renewable sources of energy."

Mondavi, the story says, "has taken a concrete step toward helping more farmers achieve these goals by spearheading the development of the Monarch tractor. This smart electric vehicle can work autonomously while serving as a sort of farm research hub that will provide growers with data about crop health that they need to better understand their operations and make them more efficient."

Fascinating piece, and you can read it here.