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The Associated Press reports that "unionized UPS workers voted overwhelmingly on Friday to authorize a strike, setting the stage for a potential work stoppage if the package delivery company and Teamsters can’t come to an agreement before their contract expires next month.

"The Teamsters said 97 percent of unionized workers voted for the authorization, which the union urged in order to have more leverage during negotiations with the company. But a yes vote does not mean a strike is imminent."

UPS says that "it delivers the equivalent of about 6 percent of nation’s gross domestic product. That means a strike would carry with it potentially far-reaching implications for the economy."

KC's View:

I would hate it if a UPS strike created broad economic problems, but on the other hand, the drivers do seem to have a point.  Here's one passage from the AP story:

In addition to addressing part-time pay and what workers say is excessive overtime, the union wants improvements to driver safety, particularly the lack of air conditioning in delivery trucks, which has been blamed for the death of a driver and hospitalizations of others.

On Tuesday, the union and the company announced they reached a tentative agreement to equip more trucks with air conditioning equipment. Under the agreement, UPS said it would add air conditioning to US small delivery vehicles purchased after January 1, 2024.

Really?  Air conditioning is an issue in a business where people drive around all summer in dark brown trucks wearing dark brown uniforms?

Shame on UPS.  They should've added air conditioning to all their trucks years ago.

BTW, I wonder if a UPS strike would create a potential opportunity for Amazon, which could offer its shipping infrastructure to businesses victimized by a UPS labor action.