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by Kevin Coupe

The ways in which Stew Leonard's, the store where I do the vast majority of my food shopping (and have since 1984), has raised its game in terms of consumer communications have been a consistent reference point here on MNB - I think they do as fine a job as any retailer out there.

This weekend, I got yet another example that I want to share with you - and it transformed what could be a mundane subject - hamburgers - into a fascinating and diversified category in which maybe you can always get what you want.

Not only was there an in-depth description in the text of all the different kinds of burgers available at Stew's - as well as the buns and toppings available - but there's also a YouTube video in which Stew Leonard Jr. talks about the best way to cook a hamburger.  You can see them all below, and it is master class in how to make things special.

What was funny to me was that when I was at the store on Saturday, I bought both filet mignon burgers and ribeye burgers because I wanted to taste test them at home - and I hadn't even seen Stew's email yet.  (I must be a dream customer!  And, FYI, we liked them both but preferred the filet mignon burgers.  Which means my burger budget line is going to have to be increased, and will probably make me even more of a dream customer.)

The point is this.  In a highly personal and Eye-Opening way, Stew Leonard's is connecting with its shoppers.  (It helps that the guy doing the talking also is the guy whose name is on the sign.) And in doing so, Stew Leonard's establishes that it is an advocate for the shopper.