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Content Guy's Note:  Michael Sansolo and I are big fans of storytelling, which is why a number of years ago we co-authored a book entitled "The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies," in which we employed movie scenes, characters and plot points to construct lessons about Leadership, Marketing and Building a Narrative for a Business and/or a Career.

Now, we're doing it again with a new series of zoom conversations/podcasts entitled "The Bigger Picture," in which we're going to continue focusing on narrative, but expanding beyond movies to TV shows, plays, music, books and pretty much anything we can think of as we consider how to both learn and teach.

Enjoy.  And let us know what movies, television shows, books, plays, and music you believe offer compelling business lessons.

Today, we consider lessons from the pop music world, with references to both Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus; the Broadway production of "Wicked";  the late sixties TV series "Mannix";  and emails from a pair of MNB readers who made their own suggestions for lessons from popular culture.

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