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•  From CNBC:

"Amazon is turning to artificial intelligence to help users find the right product.

"The e-retailer recently began testing a feature in its shopping app that uses AI to summarize reviews left by customers on some products. It provides a brief overview of what shoppers liked and disliked about the product, along with a disclaimer that the summary is 'AI-generated from the text of customer reviews'."

The story points out that "using AI to summarize reviews could be prove to be useful for shoppers. Amazon has millions of products on its online store, and there can be thousands of reviews on a single item. The company has tried to make it easier for shoppers to review products through its one-tap ratings system, which lets users leave feedback without writing a full review. More recently, some shoppers started using chatbots to write Amazon reviews for them."

And, CNBC writes, "Amazon has long relied on AI and machine learning to deliver targeted ads and personalized recommendations to shoppers. But the recent frenzy around generative AI and chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT has pushed companies including Amazon to sharpen their focus on the technology. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in April that generative AI and large language models stand to 'transform and improve virtually every customer experience'."

•  CNN reports that "Amazon Web Services was briefly hit by a wide-ranging outage on Tuesday afternoon that impacted a large number of major websites, including the Boston Globe and New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority.

"The afternoon outage affected some news organization’s ability to publish coverage of former President Donald Trump’s court appearance in Miami … The outage was eventually resolved by Tuesday evening. In an update at 6:42 p.m. ET, the dashboard stated that, 'The issue has been resolved and all AWS Services are operating normally'."