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•  In Cincinnati, WCPO reports that "six Kroger stores in the Tri-State were evacuated this weekend after multiple threats that police believe were part of a nationwide hoax.

"Stores in Bellevue, Erlanger, Oakley, Cold Spring, North College Hill and Newport all received threats, investigators said."

Authorities suggest that the threats could be "part of a nationwide hoax that has been going on in the past few months," and the FBI has been called in.

•  The Washington Post reports that "Target stores in at least five states were evacuated this weekend after receiving bomb threats. Though no explosives were discovered, the incidents tie into the backlash over the retail chain’s Pride Month merchandise.

"The threats Saturday in parts of Oklahoma, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Louisiana mirror those made in recent weeks in Ohio, Utah and Pennsylvania. In most instances, unknown individuals emailed the threats to local news outlets. The FBI and the regional Joint Terrorism Task Force have been assisting with the investigation in some jurisdictions.

"Law enforcement investigated the threats and determined the stores are safe, Target said in a statement. All stores are 'currently open and operating regular hours'."

KC's View:

In both cases, if legally appropriate, the perpetrators of these threats need to be viewed as domestic terrorists.  They need to be hunted down and prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law.  They need to be turned into an example that this kind of lawless behavior simply isn't acceptable, no matter what the motivations.

I don't want to hear the justifications and rationales, or the whataboutism that often follow such events.  Break the law, and you get brought to justice,.  End of story.