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I'm posting this video from Vero Beach, Florida, where I came down for the funeral of my 97-year-old Aunt Marge - one of the last of her generation in our family to pass away.  The moment makes me think about history, personal histories, and how institutional knowledge is critical to businesses.

A little personal context, if I may:  Below is a picture of my father, his siblings and their spouses, taken almost 30 years ago.

They are, from left, my Uncle Tom, Aunt Lorraine (Dad’s sister and Tom's wife)), Uncle Donald (Dad’s brother), Aunt Sally (Donald’s wife, who is the only one in the pic still alive), my Mom and Dad, Aunt Doris (Dad’s sister), Uncle Jim (Doris’s husband), Aunt Marge, and Uncle Dick (my Dad’s brother and my godfather).

I wish I could gather them together, pour them a drink and spend an evening or two or three just asking questions and looking for the connections that tie us all together.