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•  FMI-The Food Industry Association announced yesterday that after 40 years with the trade association, Dagmar Farr, senior vice president, member services, will be transitioning into a consulting role as a Strategic Program Consultant.

According to the announcement, "Farr will primarily focus on an FMI program that she created and nurtured, the FMI Share Group model, and today, the program boasts more than 10 share groups and 15+ sub-share groups that allow independent operators and regional chains to assemble and share strategies and tactics with similar companies in a non-competitive format. Farr brings a passion for learning and networking to these meetings, and she helps FMI members solve their business challenges."

The transition means that "Jennifer Hatcher will add to her government relations playbook and take on membership services duties," and Heather Garlich "will assume education and events under her responsibilities for communications, marketing and research and insights."