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•  Amazon said yesterday that US retailers using its Amazon Pay system - which allows customers to make purchases using information already stored on Amazon.comm - now will also be able to "add Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout as a payment option at checkout. This brings Affirm’s pay-over-time technology, used by millions of customers on and the Amazon mobile app, to Amazon Pay’s simple and secure payment solution."

According to the announcement, "Amazon Pay merchants, including Casper, USA Berkey Filters, and UltraSabers have already integrated Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout within Amazon Pay, and they anticipate increases in overall sales and conversion while reaching new customers. Offering Affirm at checkout can drive overall sales — merchants using Affirm have reported 60% higher average order values when compared to other payment methods. It can also increase customer loyalty, as approximately 88% of Affirm purchases are from repeat Affirm users."

From the TechCrunch analysis:

"Affirm first announced an initial partnership with Amazon in August of 2021, which was exclusive through January of 2023. It started by rolling out in the U.S., before launching on and the Amazon mobile app in Canada last September.

"Now, through what Affirm describes as its Adaptive Checkout technology, the company says it gives consumers customized payments options, such as bi-weekly and monthly, for purchases over $50 starting at 0% APR. Amazon Pay customers who select Affirm as a payment option do have to be approved first in a process that Affirm says will not impact their credit score.

"The fintech company has always touted that consumers using its technology 'will never pay more than they agree to' as 'there are no late or hidden fees with Affirm'."