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by Kevin Coupe

Y'know the old saw that "a picture is worth a thousand words?"  Well, I have one for you this morning that is an Eye-Opener.

I received an email this week from Good Stuff, a little restaurant on The Strand in Hermosa Beach, California, that I love:

I love it when business personalize themselves, which is exactly what Good Stuff has done here with Alex.  He sounds great, and I would expect that restaurant patrons will be looking for him next time they visit Good Stuff.

I also learned something.  I had no idea what "fire buffing" was (this is cited as one of Alex's interests).  According to Wikipedia, "A fire buff is a person with considerable interest (a fan) in fire fighting and emergency services, while not being an active member of these services."

The question I would ask most retailers is whether they are introducing their people to their customers in this way, on a regular basis.  Both are stakeholders in your business, and creating connections between them, in the end, can strengthen the connections both feel to your store.