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Bloomberg has a fascinating story about how Amazon CEO Andy Jassy "is culling projects concocted during the Jeff Bezos era," posting a "kill list" of 37 initiatives being shut down under the new regime.

Some context from the story:

"When Jeff Bezos ran the show, Inc. encouraged employees to pitch product ideas — then take them from concept to reality with minimal bureaucratic second-guessing. The spaghetti-against-the-wall approach didn’t always generate strong sellers — the Fire Phone is one famous misfire — but the company was growing sufficiently quickly to risk some failures and move on with few regrets.

"Then in 2021 Andy Jassy became chief executive officer, and over the past couple of years Amazon has made more waves for killing products than launching them.

"The breadth of the cuts — which range from a kids videoconferencing device to a telehealth service and handful of e-commerce subsidiaries — speaks to both the boundless ambitions of the company during the late Bezos years and the depth of the current retrenchment as Amazon adjusts to a steep slowdown in growth that has precipitated the axing of 27,000 corporate jobs."

Essentially, Jassy is arguing that while Amazon will continue to take big swings, it is going to be more disciplined about pitch selection.

You can see the full storey, and the "kill list," here.