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MNB has initiated a new sponsorship tier that reflects what for us is a new approach to the topic - I've decided that I really want to forge sustained relationships with companies that have value propositions and missions in which I believe and that, in turn, believe in MNB's value proposition and mission.  My goal is to not just provide a forum for these "Charter Sponsors," but also commit to helping them grow their businesses in a variety of ways.  In other words, it ain't just about banner and tile ads.  It is about moving the needle forward in terms of innovation and, ultimately, service to the shopper.

I am happy to announce this morning that 11Ants has joined the MNB family as a Charter Sponsor.

In going through all the materials that 11Ants sent to me, there was one line that grabbed me and wouldn't let me go:

The desired insights goldmine often ends up being more of a data quagmire … mainly because conventional tools make it difficult and time consuming to pull insights from customer data.

Wow.  "Data quagmire."  In so many ways, that's the thing with which so many retailers are dealing.  We talk about it here on MNB all the time.

It is, 11Ants argues, "a simple matter of complexity."  Too often, retailers are unable "to use loyalty data to become more market and customer oriented."  That needs to change.

Here's a simple truth:  "Cleaner, clearer data pays."  Which leads to another truth:  Undeployed, underused data is a cost, not an asset.  And in today's competitive marketplace, you cannot afford to squander assets.  

That's why I'm thrilled to welcome 11Ants to the MNB family - because its mission is to help you make the most of your assets.  To sort through your data in a way that both cleans it up and clears it up, turning it into a "data forward" asset that connects you to your customers and provides you with actionable insights that boost customer loyalty and strengthen your business performance.  And, to gain actionable insights that traditionally have required the hiring of expensive consultants or internal experts.  (Note:  More than 4,000 stores globally count on 11Ants to connect more meaningfully with their shoppers.)

Who could ask for anything more?  Do yourself a favor and check out 11Ants by reading this white paper:  "So Much Loyalty Data, So Little Impact!"  When you're done, I think you'll want to know more.