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•  From Axios:

"José Andrés, celebrity chef and founder of World Central Kitchen, and George Washington University are launching a research institute focused on the intersection of food production and climate change … The Global Food Institute (GFI), being announced today, identifies the warming planet as one of the greatest challenges facing the global food system."

"The world we live in today is confronted by a wide range of complex crises, and the global food system sits at the heart of each of them,” Andrés tells Axios in a statement.

Anyone who doesn't think that the climate crisis won't have an enormous impact on our food supply is either blind, or just refuses to see.

•  From the Wall Street Journal:

"The Federal Trade Commission is investigating whether baby-formula makers colluded on bids for lucrative state contracts.

"The agency, in documents posted to its website, said it is looking into whether Abbott Laboratories and other formula manufacturers have “engaged in collusion or coordination with any other market participant regarding the bidding” for state contracts.

"The FTC is also investigating whether company coordination affected sales more broadly, outside of the Women, Infants and Children formula-supply program, FTC Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya wrote.

"Abbott, which sells Similac formula, said it is cooperating with the FTC’s investigation. In February, Abbott lawyers said in an email to the FTC that they weren’t aware of any evidence suggesting 'even a hint of collusion or coordination.'  The lawyers also said they didn’t understand the factual basis of the agency’s investigation."