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•  From Variety:

"If you’re sharing your Netflix password with someone who doesn’t live with you, get ready to pay up — it will cost $7.99 per month extra to add another user to your account.

"On Tuesday, Netflix said it is launching its crackdown on illicit password sharing to its biggest market, the U.S., angling to squeeze a bigger chunk of change from customers who share their logins with friends and family outside their household … As part of Netflix’s crackdown on customers sharing passwords with people outside their household, the company has said it will start blocking devices (after a certain period of time) that attempt to access a Netflix account without properly paying. However, Netflix members can continue to access the service while traveling via their personal devices or by logging in to new TV (like at a hotel or vacation rental)."

Maybe I'm wrong about this, but isn't it a little concerning if Netflix can tell the difference between me accessing its service from a hotel room vs. one of my kids accessing it from their apartment?  I'm not really surprised that it can do that, but this policy is forcing a level of transparency that may catch some folks off guard.