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Ahold Delhaize-owned Stop & Shop said this week that it is banning single-use plastic bags across all its stores in the northeastern US, with the decision expected to take effect in July.

“Stop & Shop is committed to sustainability and helping to protect our environment,” the company said in a prepared statement.  “In addition to eliminating all single-use plastic bags from stores across the Northeast by July 2023, a taxable 10-cent charge is now applied on all paper bags provided to customers in an effort to minimize waste and encourage customers to shop with reusable bags.”

The Boston Globe reports that "the 10-cent charge went into effect on April 30.

"A spokeswoman for the chain said some stores may already have shifted to paper bags, while others may still be working through their existing supply of single-use plastic bags.  'However we anticipate they will all be gone by July,' she said.

"Stop & Shop officials said reusable bags are available for purchase at all stores, 'as low as 10 cents per reusable bag'."