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•  From CNBC:

"Zipline broke through in the drone market flying critical medical supplies such as blood and vaccines in Rwanda and other nations because health-care is more readily funded and regulatory approvals for unmanned flights come faster.

"But the drone manufacturer has been growing its commercial delivery business, with partners including Walmart, and announced three more retail deals on Wednesday: GNC, Pagliacci Pizza and Associated Couriers.

"The company says it should reach one million autonomous deliveries by year-end; it’s at 600,000 now."

According to the story, "The deals are part of Zipline’s recent expansion into home delivery, which features its new drone platform, known as its P2 Zip, for what it says is nearly silent delivery, able to travel up to 24 miles each way from dock to dock to local communities, and can reach 99% of addresses in both urban and suburban areas at speeds much faster than traditional ground-based delivery."