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The Detroit News reports that Amazon appears to have decided not to open Amazon Fresh stores it had planned to open there, echoing a similar story that emerged this week about Fresh units in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market that won't be opened.

The reports are that locations slated to house Fresh stores are being put up for sub-lease.

According to the story, "This news comes after nearly two years of rumblings about when Inc. would be ready to roll out its Amazon Fresh stores in Michigan. The list of confirmed and reported Amazon Fresh stores had grown to at least nine locations in Metro Detroit and one in Grand Blanc.

"Amazon has not commented on its roadmap for Amazon Fresh."

KC's View:

This is becoming a pattern.  We have a couple of store locations clearly remodeled to be Amazon Fresh units that have been sitting empty for many, many months.  At this point, local speculation is that they'll end up being something else.