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From Forbes:

"The F&B industry has always been about building brands from Coca-Cola to Pepsi, Oreos to Lay’s. What’s in a name? A lot. But after the pandemic and inflation, are brands dying a slow death – or at least facing new resistance? In a world of billion-dollar brands, what one might call “no names” – or at least not conventional brands — are turning into among the biggest names in the industry as private label soars amid skyrocketing inflation and brand backlash. We may be in a golden age of private label, even if Americans’ romance with F&B brands remains very much in place.

"Studies show that more consumers are willing to go from 'Buy, buy brands' to 'Bye bye brands' as prices increase, even as brands report robust profits. It’s a big shift in consumer behavior, as the pandemic and inflation leave their imprint on F&B in a topsy-turvy world where private label is on the rise … there are signs of slowing brand loyalty amid rising prices. Private labels such as Trader Joe’s; Kroger, Simple Truth and Private Selection at Kroger, Archer Farms at Target, Great Value at Walmart, and 365 by Whole Foods are winning over the public. While Americans still love their brands, the pandemic and inflation have turned the past year into a showcase for private label power. More Americans are turning a new leaf when it comes to private label."

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