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•  The Commercial Observer reports that Lidl plans to open a second store in the New York borough of Manhattan, with plans for a 23,000 square foot store in the Chelsea neighborhood at Eighth Avenue and West 26th Street.  It already has a store operating in Harlem.

This is, the story says, in addition to stores that it operates in Queens and on Staten Island, and expectations for additional units to be opened, including in Brooklyn - reflecting a significant commitment to bringing its low-cost, limited assortment model to New York City.

•  Kroger announced that "it is seeking to hire associates for salaried and hourly roles, across all geographies, searching for talent in retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, supply chain, merchandising, logistics, corporate, pharmacy, healthcare and more."

"Across our Family of Companies, we respect and value all of our associates and have opportunities for everyone to feed their future and discover a career. We are driven to be a leading employer in America, offering tools and pathways to grow as individuals and with our organization, no matter your skill set, role or ambitions," said Tim Massa, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer.

•  From the BBC:

"Tesco's chairman has strongly denied claims that he touched women's bottoms on two separate occasions.

"A report in the Guardian newspaper alleges that John Allan touched a Tesco employee at the supermarket giant's shareholder meeting last year.

"It also claims Mr Allan, who is the former president of the CBI, 'grabbed' a woman at one of its events in 2019.

"Mr Allan said that the claims are 'simply untrue' and Tesco said it has not received any complaints.

"The supermarket giant - which Mr Allan has chaired for eight years - told the BBC that in relation to his conduct at Tesco annual general meeting last year 'it has received no complaints or concerns formally or informally, including through our confidential Protector Line service.'

"It said it noted that Mr Allan strongly denies the allegation and his conduct has 'never been the subject of a complaint during his tenure as chair of Tesco'."