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•  From TechCrunch:

"Pinterest today announced a multiyear strategic ad partnership with Amazon aimed at bringing more brands and relevant products to its platform. The new deal will make the e-commerce giant Pinterest’s first partner on third-party ads, the company said in a blog post shared alongside its first-quarter earnings beat.

"The partnership is a step in a new direction for the image sharing and social media site, which has been working to adjust to consumers’ changing interests around product discovery in recent years. As demand for video platforms like TikTok and Reels grew, Pinterest’s image pinboard began to feel dated, leading it to launch its video-first Idea Pins and increase its investment in creator content."

The story goes on:

"While Pinterest has for years worked to connect product inspiration to purchases, the Amazon ads partnership could potentially offer consumers a more seamless buying experience. Unlike on some e-commerce websites, Amazon shoppers may not have to fiddle with filling out forms, as most have their payment information already on file with the company, leading to faster checkouts.

"When users click on an Amazon ad on Pinterest, they’ll be taken directly to Amazon to make the purchase, Pinterest says."