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In a new blog posting, Lorraine Stomski, Walmart's Senior Vice President, Learning & Leadership, announced the launching of "a new Manager Academy – a week-long training course focused on our culture and values – to ensure our store managers are equipped with the leadership skills to manage hundreds of associates, build relationships in their communities and take care of their customers."

Stomski says that the original intention was to just send new store managers through the course.  Now, all store managers will go through the training, and "more than 2,000 store managers are expected to participate in the program this year."

The posting goes on:

"One of the most important aspects of a store manager’s job is managing people, and it’s an in-demand skill in the U.S. right now. The Manager Academy equips store managers with the skills and knowledge to lead hundreds of associates and serve their customers and communities. The training includes:

•  Understanding our values and how to be a culture champion in their facilities.

•  Leading with empathy and focusing on associate well-being.

•  How to further engage with our customers and communities.

•  Embracing change and leading with a change mindset.

Stomski says that "the Manager Academy is part of Walmart’s $1 billion investment announced to provide U.S. associates with career-driven training and development through 2026, helping to create a path for every associate to learn and grow."

KC's View:

See Michael's column and my FaceTime this morning.  It is all about setting priorities and managing/leading in a way that makes people and service central to the value proposition.