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This is my 40th wedding anniversary, and Mrs. Content Guy and I are taking an extended weekend to celebrate.  So, I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off this week.

Since I mentioned this last Friday, I got a number of emails expressing amazement - even astonishment - that someone could be married to me for four decades.  (Trust me, this is something of which I am completely aware.)

There are two secrets to marital longevity, I have found.  First, marry a saint with enormous patience.  And second, travel.  A lot.  We may have been married for 40 years, but I've probably only been around for 30 of them, which meant that a) my wanderlust has been satisfied, and b) she didn't have to put up with me all the time.

As always, the MNB archives are open, and MNB will return Wednesday with fresh news and hand-crafted commentary.

See you then.