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Digiday has a story about how some marketers are seeing value in age and experience.  An excerpt:

"Marketers’ obsession with getting their brands in front of younger generations, particularly Gen Z as they move on from millennials, has most focusing on influencers in that younger demographic. But there’s a slow trickle of marketers who recognize the potential of working with older influencers and reaching older generations, according to agency executives, who say they are doing so as a way to stand out while tapping into the growing number of older influencers garnering massive followings online. 

"Earlier this month, for example, Mountain Dew threw a party in Florida to promote its new alcoholic beverage, Hard Mountain Dew, but instead of tapping Gen Z and millennial influencers, the brand threw a party for retirees. Clean beauty brand Ilia and Alaska Airlines, to name a few, have also generated press around their work with older influencers. Influencer marketing experts and agency execs expect that, in the coming years, more brands will recognize the viability of working with older influencers."

You can read the story here.