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CNBC reports that "Target is dangling a new perk to get shoppers to swing by its stores: customers can make returns without leaving their car.

"The curbside-returns service, which began last week at roughly a quarter of Target’s nearly 2,000 stores nationwide, will be available across the chain by the end of summer. 

"Target is sweetening its curbside-pickup service, Drive Up, to attract and retain customers as the retailer braces for a potential sales slowdown and tries to hang on to pandemic-fueled gains … The company hopes convenient perks like curbside returns will boost customer loyalty and jolt sales."

KC's View:

Smart.  I think that one of the most compelling things about Amazon's offer is that returns are so easy - I have a Whole Foods down the road where I can pretty much bring anything bought at Amazon back.  That's an enormous advantage, and Target seems to be following the same playbook.