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ResumeBuilder is out with a new study today, concluding that "74 percent of managers and business leaders say Gen Z is more difficult to work with compared to other generations. Among the respondents surveyed, 11 percent say it is difficult to work with Gen Z 'all of the time,’ 39 percent say ‘most of the time,’ 16 percent say ‘a lot of the time, and 20 percent say ‘some of the time.’

"Additionally, respondents cited top reasons why they believe Gen Zers are challenging to work with. Thirty-nine percent say Gen Zers ‘lack technological skills,’ 37 percent say they ‘lack effort,’ 37 percent say they ‘lack motivation,’ and 37 percent say they ‘lack productivity.’ Furthermore, respondents also say Gen Zers are ‘easily distracted,’ ‘easily offended,’ and ‘dishonest.’"

And, "among managers who find Gen Zers difficult to work with, 59 percent say they have fired a Gen Zer. Sixty-five percent say it is ‘much more common’ or ‘somewhat more common’ to let go of Gen Z workers. In fact, 20 percent say they have had to fire a Gen Z employee within a week of their start date, while 27 percent say within a month. According to respondents, the top reasons for firing Gen Z workers is because they lack motivation and effort, and are too easily offended."

The survey says that "among respondents who say Gen Z is the most difficult generation to work with, 34 percent say they prefer to work with Millennials, 30 percent say Gen Xers, and 4 percent say Baby Boomers. Respondents who prefer working with Millennials say this group has the highest productivity and technological skills. Likewise, respondents who prefer working with Gen Xers say this group is the most honest and productive."

KC's View:

I find this survey to be problematic.

They lack technological skills?  Really?  Because this is a digitally native generation.  I'm surprised by this.

I also wonder how many of the managers and leaders just don't like or trust Gen Z because they are different from them, they don't understand them, and they don't really want to make the effort to appreciate divergent priorities and values.

Let's be clear. No generation is perfect.   And Gen Z may have taken as much of a hit from pandemic-related circumstances as anyone, so they may be dealing with other issues.  (I'd refer you to this morning's Eye-Opener about the stresses being felt by people 30 and younger.)

My bet is that you can find as many Gen Xers, Millennials and Baby Boomers who are hard to manage as Gen Zers.