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Axios reports on "a new 'co-warehousing' facility in the Phoenix area (that) will provide private warehouses to local e-commerce companies that have outgrown their home-based operations … : The spaces, from logistics company Saltbox, range from $450 to $7,200 per month, depending on size."

The story notes that "Saltbox already has 11 facilities nationwide and serves more than 500 businesses, including Sock Fancy and BlackLIT, a monthly book subscription service highlighting Black authors."  Co-warehousing allows small e-commerce businesses "to compete with logistics giants like Amazon that can get goods to customers overnight."

KC's View:

This makes a lot of sense, and I think that especially as Amazon seems to be, if not in retreat, reconsidering some elements of its value proposition, we're going to see smaller e-commerce players looking for partnerships and alliances that will create the best kind of equation - 1+1=3.