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From the Hollywood Reporter:

"Amazon’s Prime Video is rolling out a streaming feature that will allow viewers to increase the dialogue in movies and TV shows.

"The feature is called Dialogue Boost and, according to Amazon, it lets you raise the volume of dialogue relative to background music and effects, 'creating a more comfortable and accessible viewing experience that cannot be found on any other global streaming service.'

"Dialogue Boost analyzes the program’s audio and uses AI to spot points where dialogue may be tough to hear. Then speech is isolated and its audio enhanced to make dialogue clearer. Amazon points out this is actually different than using a traditional center channel speaker in a home theater setup because it 'delivers a targeted enhancement to portions of spoken dialogue instead of general amplification'."

KC's View:

This seems especially helpful because of the combination of production values that sometimes allow for muddled, mumbled dialogue and the fact that some of us are dealing with ears affected by decades of listening to loud rock music.

I suspect, though, that some filmmakers will object to this.  They'll argue that it monkeys with their creative intentions, in much the same way that colorization of black-and-white movies does.  I agree with them on the colorization issue, and just hope that Amazon will be surgical in how it tries to optimize the viewer experience with more audible dialogue.