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Today, I have an extended conversation with Dave Dempsey, CEO of Hyer, in which we discuss the the current labor challenges facing retailers and suppliers, and the ways in which his company has developed a platform that applies gig economy-style solutions to solving pressing and immediate staffing needs.

Two quick notes about this conversation, if I may.

First, this is a follow-up to a chat that I had with Dempsey early in Hyer's rollout.  That initial conversation was in March 2020, just as the states were beginning the pandemic-related shutdowns that would last far longer than any of us would have believed at that time.  We also never would've expected that the nation's labor shortage - two jobs for every one available employee, according to some studies - would continue to create enormous challenges for businesses, and one that Hyer is uniquely positioned to address.

You can access that piece here.

Second, in the interest of full disclosure (and I mention this in the video), I need to acknowledge that Hyer is an MNB charter sponsor.  My plan was to revisit the labor situation with Dempsey, but before I could reach out to ask for a followup conversation, the folks at Hyer contacted me and asked about becoming an MNB sponsor.  I saw no reason we couldn't do both - I love it when people and companies want to sponsor MNB, and I had planned to talk to Dempsey anyway.  (Why penalize Hyer for having such good taste in blogs!)

So, with that caveat, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dave Dempsey, CEO of Hyer.

If you'd like to listen to this conversation as an audio podcast, click below.