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•  9to5Mac reports that "Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the United States, has been a longtime Apple Pay holdout. According to several 9to5Mac tipsters, as well as other reports on social media, it looks like Kroger is finally changing its tune and beginning to roll out Apple Pay.

"As of right now, Kroger has not acknowledged or confirmed its plans to support Apple Pay. With that being said, however, 9to5Mac has received multiple tips from readers who have spotted Apple Pay at their local Kroger store. Additionally, other shoppers have taken to Reddit to share their experience with Apple Pay at Kroger."

According to the story, "Kroger, along with Walmart, has been one of the largest retailers to resist adding support for Apple Pay. Instead, the company has tried to push its own 'Kroger Pay' platform as an Apple Pay alternative. Kroger Pay, which is based on QR codes, has failed to gain widespread adoption among shoppers."

•  The Sun reports that Wegmans is testing the removal of its in-store Buzz Coffee Shops, replacing them with self-serve coffee machines.

The reason:  "Fewer customers have been using the in-house coffee shops as more people work from home," Wegmans tells The Sun, adding, "Coffee-brewing technology has come a long way, and our new self-serve coffee machines use our same high-quality coffee beans and offer a similar menu of lattes, cappuccinos, and brewed coffee drinks.”

The change is being piloted at several Rochester-area stores, the story says.

•  From the BBC:

"Aldi, Lidl and Asda have joined rival supermarkets Sainsbury's and Tesco in cutting the price of milk by at least 5p.

"The retailers are reducing the price of a pint to 90p, in order to match other grocers.

"While the drop will be welcomed by people struggling with higher living costs, milk still costs more than double the average price before Covid.

"In March 2020, a pint of milk was around 43p, according to official data.

"All five supermarkets have confirmed the reductions in price will not affect how much they pay farmers.

"Tesco said it made the decision because its costs for buying in milk had fallen.

"Asda said that it had taken 'swift action to reduce the price of milk as commodity prices have eased'."