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Advantage Solutions is out with a new report, “Beyond the Pharmacy,” which concludes:

"Despite their popularity for prescription filling, drugstores aren’t shoppers’ top choice for over-the-counter medications or other healthcare and personal care items. Nearly six in 10 U.S. adults (58%) who shop at least once a year at drugstores regularly choose a mass merchandiser for these items. About half say they regularly buy these products at drugstores and one-fourth say they typically buy these items at supermarkets."

"Mass merchandisers are also winning in the beauty category; nearly six in 10 drugstore shoppers regularly buy beauty items at mass merchandiser stores. Almost 30% say they typically buy these items at drugstores and/or beauty stores. About one-fifth frequently buy them at supermarkets and about the same amount frequently purchase them online."

As more retailers offer low-cost, basic healthcare services, close to half (45%) of adults said they’d be somewhat or very likely to visit a clinic inside a drugstore for non-emergency treatment or healthcare advice. Four in 10 are likely to visit a clinic inside a mass merchandiser and three in 10 say they’re likely to visit a health clinic at a supermarket."