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•  The imposition of a pitch clock at Major League Baseball games has created a new challenge - as games have been shorted by as much as 30 minutes, it means that attendees have less time to buy food and drink, and vendors have less time to peddle their wares.

Axios writes that "some teams have responded to this urgent crisis by extending beer sales beyond the end of the seventh inning for the first time in memory.

"The Brewers, naturally, were the first to make the change. They're now selling beer until the end of the eighth inning at American Family Field.  Three other teams — the Twins, Diamondbacks and Rangers — have since followed Milwaukee's lead, and more will likely join them."

Axios goes on:  "In addition to transforming the on-field product, the pitch clock is also changing the game-day experience for fans and vendors alike.

Now, regular-season games are much more like going to a movie. If you want food or drink, you better get there early and load up, because if you leave your seat, you will miss the plot."