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by Kevin Coupe

New research from Hub Entertainment says that there are some 204 million smart TVs in US households, marking the first time the number has exceeded 200 million and reflecting the degree to which the home entertainment sector has evolved.

The company's “Connected Home” study found that 77 percent of TV households say they own a smart TV, up from 66 percent three years ago.  The research also shows that 61 percent of all TV sets are said to be smart sets, up from 45 percent in 2020.

So here's my question, in response to this Eye-Opening research:

At what point are we going to stop calling them TV sets?  The name hasn't changed since people were watching "I Love Lucy" on 15-inch black-and-white screens in the 1950s, and yet the technology and the experience - not to mention the content - have changed in enormous and fundamental ways.  "TV set" doesn't seem to capture the reality, and I think we need to come up with a new name that reflects this evolution.