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•  The California Assembly Health Committee is scheduled to consider a bill today that would ban five food additives that already have been banned by the European Union.

AB 418 would ban Red No. 3, a dye linked to cancer and behavioral problems;   brominated vegetable oil, an additive which has been linked to several health harms, including to the nervous system;  potassium bromate, an additive that’s been linked to cancer;  propyl paraben, an additive that’s been linked to harm to the hormone and reproductive systems;  and titanium dioxide, a colorant linked to damage to DNA and harm to the immune system.

CNet writes that "the proposed legislation, which was introduced last month by California State Assembly member Jesse Gabriel, a Democrat from the San Fernando Valley, would make California the first US state to prohibit the chemicals from being used in food production and packaging.

"In a press conference last Thursday on Zoom, Gabriel noted that many food brands including Coke and Pepsi, as well as national food retail and restaurant chains such as Dunkin', Kroger and Panera Bread, have moved away from the use of the chemicals in question. Other popular products, however, still use these EU-banned additives, including Skittles and several Hostess desserts."